Behind the Spot | Commercial Breakdown with Director Giada Bossi Ep. 01

November 1, 2023
4 minute read

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Behind the Spot | Commercial Breakdown with Director Giada Bossi Ep. 01


In this blog post, we will dive into the behind-the-scenes details of the commercial for J-Cat featuring Olympic swimmer Federica Pellegrini. Directed by Giada Bossi, this commercial aims to tell a unique story about Federica, showcasing her strength and vulnerability. Let's explore the main points made by Giada Bossi in this video and gain insights into the creative choices made for this commercial.

A Contrast of Strength and Fear

Federica Pellegrini is known for her power and strength as an Olympic swimmer, spending most of her life in the water. However, there is an interesting contrast revealed in this commercial – Federica is afraid of open waters and the sea. According to Giada Bossi;

"I thought this was quite an interesting contrast. So let's say, the call to go and face herself and challenge herself is something that starts from here."

Going Beyond Clichés

Giada Bossi wanted to break away from the clichés often associated with sports commercials. Instead of focusing solely on energy, power, and muscles, the director aimed to delve into Federica's inner world. She explains, "I wanted to tell something different here that was more like her inner world. I think it was an interesting combo to select something that was very present and emotional."

The Power of Visuals and Color

Color played a significant role in the commercial's visual storytelling. Giada Bossi, along with the DPM and Welletzer Lenga, made a deliberate choice to create a strict color palette. According to Giada, "We really tried to divide the surroundings and her. Everything around her is blue, maybe also what she is wearing is blue, but her as a person in flesh and bones. She has like a kind of more warm tone inside the film."

The Fragility and True Representation

A particular shot in the commercial stands out due to its combination of beautiful lighting and Federica's fragile pose. Giada Bossi explains, "The nice thing about this shot is that of course the light is great, but also that her pose is very fragile. In a way, it's also like a representation of everything she's fearing about. So I think this idea of bringing out a new point of view on her that is a little bit more true."

Telling a Story Without Words

Another noteworthy aspect of this commercial is the absence of voiceover or dialogues. Giada Bossi believes in the power of sound and visuals to convey a message without relying on words. She says, "The idea that sometimes you don't need voiceover, you don't need dialogues, you can leave sound, let images flow and tell something without words."


In this blog post, we explored the details behind the commercial for J-Cat featuring Federica Pellegrini, as discussed by director Giada Bossi. We learned about the contrast between Federica's strength and her fear, the departure from clichés in sports commercials, the importance of color in visual storytelling, and the power of conveying a message through visuals and sound. This commercial truly captures Federica's journey and emotions, providing viewers with a unique and authentic perspective.

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