Frame Set Offers Free Shot-List for Filmmakers

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December 21, 2023
5 minute read

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How To Download and Use

If you're a filmmaker in need of a reliable and comprehensive Shot-List, Frame Set has the perfect solution for you. To begin, you have two options: download the PDF version or edit the document directly using Google Docs.

Download a PDF: To download the PDF, click on this link, select "File," then "Download," and finally "PDF." You can save it to your device for easy reference and offline use, or print it for use on set.

Edit in Google Docs: To edit in Google Docs, click on this link, select "File," then "Make a copy." From there feel free to make changes, add your own notes, and collaborate with your team seamlessly.

Exploring the Free Shot-List

The free shot-list provided by Frame Set is a valuable resource for filmmakers in various pre-production tasks. It helps in organizing shots, capturing key details, and ensuring efficient planning. Whether it's creating storyboards or developing treatments, the shot-list offers a structured approach that saves time and enhances productivity.

Frame Set: Assisting Filmmakers in Pre-production

At Frame Set, we go beyond offering a free shot-list. We understand the challenges filmmakers face in finding suitable stills for storyboards, treatments, and other pre-production documents. Our platform enables filmmakers to search through thousands of high-quality stills, making it easier to visualize and communicate their vision.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the free shot-list provided by Frame Set is a valuable tool for filmmakers. By combining this resource with our extensive library of stills, filmmakers can streamline their pre-production process and bring their creative ideas to life.

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